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Nov 28, 2023

What's this? The Cunninghams' famous lodger is being dislodged? Say it ain't so! Join Peter and Joe as they review Season 11's "Fonzie Moves Out."

Nov 21, 2023

We've got a wild one for you this week. Fonzie dates a ghost. Mr. C plans a cheap vacation to Sweden. And we learn that nostalgia is deathtrap. All this and more as Peter and Joe review Season 11's amazing "The Spirit is Willing."

Nov 14, 2023

Does Chachi have some supernatural power over women? Probably not, but find out for sure when Peter and Joe review the episode "Social Studies" from Season 11 of Happy Days

Nov 7, 2023

Now that Joanie and Chachi are broken up, Joanie is now free to date anyone she wants. And this week, that someone is... Lyle Waggoner? Tune in as Peter and Joe review "Like Mother, Like Daughter."