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Mar 31, 2020

"Me and Mrs. Prescott... We gotta thing goin' on." Yes, this week Fonzie gets up close and personal with a married lady, only he doesn't know she's married. Watch the hijinks ensue along with Peter and Joe as they review "Fonzie's Old Lady."

Mar 24, 2020

Sunday, Monday, stalker days! Tuesday, Wednesday, stalker days! This week, Richie becomes obsessed with a woman in a cola ad, then takes drastic measures to meet her. This can only go well. Peter and Joe look on disapprovingly in their review of Season Four's "Richie Branches Out."

Mar 17, 2020

Support your local sheriff? More like REPORT your local sheriff for egregious abuse of power! That's right. It's time for an epic Kirk vs. Fonzie showdown. Peter and Joe offer their thoughts on Season 4's "A.K.A. The Fonz."

Mar 10, 2020

Move over, Woodward and Bernstein. Here come Cunningham and Fonzarelli, out to expose the facts about the meatloaf at Jefferson High. Can you handle the truth? Find out when Peter and Joe review the Season 4 episode "The Muckrakers."

Mar 3, 2020

When it's eight, nine, ten, eleven, too, I'll be going strong and so will you. Well, Fonzie may not be going strong exactly, but he's still going. It's all here in our review of "They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?" from Season 4.