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Jan 31, 2023

Lotta stuff happening this week. Joanie and Chachi are writing a song. Marion is starring in a musical. And Roger is trying to be more like Fonzie. Peter and Joe talk about it all when they review Season 9's "Great Expectations."

Jan 24, 2023

Remember when Freddy met Jason? Or when King Kong met Godzilla? Or when Abbott and Costello met everybody? Well, forget about all of those, because this is the week that Fonzie meets The Lone Ranger! Join Peter and Joe for their review of "Hi Yo, Fonzie Away."

Jan 17, 2023

There are now 200 episodes of this Happy Days podcast. Two hundred. I want you to think about that while you listen to Peter and Joe review Season 9's "A Touch of Classical."

Jan 10, 2023

Here's the Frankie Avalon episode you've all been waiting for! Join Peter and Joe as they kick off 2023 with a review of Season 9's immortal "Poobah Doo Dah."