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Oct 15, 2019

What would Fonzie do if he weren't an auto mechanic? Apparently, he would sell encyclopedias. (Remember those?) Emily and Joe explain the whole thing in their review of "Fonzie the Salesmen."

Oct 8, 2019

It's the second anniversary of the premiere of Happy Days, and ABC is celebrating with a prime time special! Join Emily and Joe as they review "The Second Anniversary Show."

Oct 1, 2019

Are Fonzie and Marion really having an affair? Find out this week as Emily and Joe review the episode "Dance Contest" from January 1976!

Sep 24, 2019

Is it true? Is Ralph Malph really going to join the United States Marine Corps? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! No, actually, you're fully capable of handling the truth, and Emily and Joe will tell you all of it in their review of "Tell it to the Marines." And speaking of Emily and Joe, they've been doing this podcast for...

Sep 17, 2019

This week, we finally get that Joanie/Potsie story that no one's been requesting. It actually turns out not half bad. Stick around as Emily and Joe review "They Call It Potsie Love." BONUS: A review of Blansky's Beauties!