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Back when Happy Days ruled the world

Sep 28, 2018

One of the true wonders of Happy Days is that it is the most modest and unassuming of shows, at least at the beginning, and yet it ruled popular culture as few shows before or since have managed to do. For a decade, the show was simply everywhere, from novelty records to magazine covers. It inspired a dizzying variety of merchandise, too, including a whole line of action figures and accessories from Mego.

You can see some of these toys at a website called Mego Museum. They are truly mind-blowing.

Recently, Mego began marketing a new line of dolls based on various TV, movie, and music celebrities. Happily, The Fonz from Happy Days was one of them! I managed to snare this bad boy at Target for about $12.

There's going to be a Richie doll, too, but I haven't gotten this one yet. He looks a little depressed, if you ask me. Rarely have the words "Sit on it!" been uttered with so little enthusiasm.